In addition to the award, there will be many opportunities of reflection and in-depth analysis with the conferences of the Third edition of Earth Prize, the 10th and 11th October 2020.

Lombardy Region and FLA, the Lombardy Foundation for the Environment, present the book “Così diversi, così vicini. Alla scoperta della biodiversità in Lombardia”. This reading is for the kids between 8-11 years old and has the goal to take kids and their parents to the discovery of biodiversity. The “ABC of biodiversity” will be useful for teachers and educators to introduce the theme of biodiversity in their courses of Environmental Education.

On 11th October, in the morning, Alessandro Borgini of ISDE, the Association of Doctors for the environment, will talk about the relationship between air pollution and health during the pandemic.

Franco Borgogno, journalist and photographer, will present his book “Plastica, la soluzione siamo noi. Storie di donne, uomini e bambini che fanno la cosa giusta“.

Following, Luca Mercalli, italian renowned climatologist will talk about climate  and environmental crisis.