The classics of cinema reinterpreted by the great masters of comics and presented at the 76th Venice Film Festival arrive in Luino, on Lake Maggiore on the occasion of Earth Prize 2019, Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 October. From Visconti, to Hitchcock, from Chaplin to Lean, even posters of great auteur cinema have been “ruined” by climate change.

Famous films in the history of cinema have been reinterpreted in the light of the effects of “climate change” by twelve well-known Italian cartoonists and illustrators to bring to the attention of the public the urgency of adopting climate change mitigation policies. Thus, in “Death in Venice” by Luchino Visconti the protagonist disappears under the high water of climate change, while “Vacanze Romane” has lived under the snow or immersed in pollution.

The comic exhibition “The cinema ruined by climate change” is realized by the Green Drop Award, the prize dedicated to the environment established by Green Cross Italy, an international NGO founded by Mikhail Gorbachev, and assigned during the Venice Film Festival to the film that among those in competition who have best interpreted the themes of ecology, in collaboration with the Sardegna Film Commission and the Historical and Environmental Geo-mining Park of Sardinia. The exhibition was curated by the Cagliari International Comics Center directed by Bepi Vigna.

Cinema and comics are contiguous territories: those who love comics are often also great fans of cinema and the imaginary linked to the two expressive means feeds on the same suggestions. With this exhibition, some artists have tried to imagine what the most expensive films would have been like if the dramatic predictions about global warming had already been made. The irony of the tables does not prevent anyone from transmitting a very serious meaning, which recalls the problems deriving from climate change. The world we need to safeguard is also what films and comics have often represented with great poetic force and to which our memories and emotions are linked, “said Bepi Vigna.